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Change of company name to Dot Smart Solutions

The company Roaming Smart Solutions has changed its name and is now called

Dot Smart Solutions.

By changing the business name and corporate identity of the companies within the

group, the changes started at the end of last year, when the acquisition by the

Manex Group took place.


The name and visual changes followed in order to highlight the business strategy

with which we will continue the development of the company and the improvement of

all business segments as precisely as possible.

Three reasons are key:

- Change in the ownership structure, we stopped being part of the Roaming Group

and joined the Manex Group team.

- We have expanded our portfolio to work in the field of ecology and renewable

energy sources.

- Strengthening the focus on responsible business towards all interested parties and

the environment

In the following period, the focus will be on all aspects of corporate identity changes,

with the aim of positioning Dot Smart Solutions as a modern, technologically strong

and environmentally conscious company.


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